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Strategy for 2013 NLL Fantasy Game

01/16/2013, 12:00pm EST
By Alexander Hinkley for NLL.com

Aim for profit early, points later in salary cap game

The 2013 NLL Fantasy Game uses a salary cap system where early investments in "buy-low" players could pay big dividends later in the season while high-priced players leave little potential for monetary growth. (Photo: Richard Olson)

The 2013 NLL Fantasy Game uses a salary cap roster format. Fantasy owners start the season with $100 and must allocate this money to buy enough players to fill their roster. Unlike leagues using a fantasy draft, you can buy any player as long as you can afford to pay them. For example, every manager could potentially have John Grant, Jr. on their roster, so long as they are willing and able to shell out $24 for him.

One trusted strategy to doing well in a salary cap fantasy system is to worry first about your money and let the points roll in later. At the beginning of the season, you don’t want to think too much about your players putting up big numbers.

Instead, you should focus on trying to generate as much profit as you can for your team. This will help you more in the long run as you’ll be able to afford more star players as the season progresses, which will result in huge point production. In essence, you want to think long-term investments

This is what makes young players such as Edmonton’s Mark Matthews ($15) and Minnesota’s Shayne Jackson ($12) great “buy-low” options right now. Philadelphia’s Kevin Buchanan ($12) and Washington’s Cliff Smith ($11) are also guys with a lot of potential to increase in value.

On the other hand, stars like Colorado’s John Grant, Jr. ($24), Washington’s Rhys Duch ($24) and Rochester’s Dan Dawson ($24) may put up big numbers, but they also require a big investment. Because their price is already close to the maximum a player can cost ($25), there’s very little potential for growth. Your money will simply sit stagnant, never a good thing, as other fantasy teams around the league will be growing their banks.

It’s almost like being a real estate mogul. You have to assess which players are currently undervalued and buy them while their prices are still low. Then, once their cost goes up, sell them and either repeat the process or spend your earnings on a John Grant, Jr. or Rhys Duch. You don’t want to just blow all your money on a huge mansion straight away. You have to work up to it.

Smart investing early will help you win big later.

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