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Fantasy Mailbag: Week #9

02/27/2013, 4:15pm EST
By Alexander Hinkley for NLL.com

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The weekly Fantasy Mailbag column answers your questions about the 2013 NLL Fantasy Game. (Photo: Dale MacMillan)

The Fantasy Mailbag column answers fantasy questions from our readers to help you manage your team to glory and compete for weekly prizes. Have a question related to the 2013 NLL Fantasy Game? Want to know how something works or advice about a specific player? Email your question to fantasy@nll.com and it just might be answered in next week’s Fantasy Mailbag.

Why do different teams with the same player have different point totals displayed on their My Team tab? Does keeping a player for several weeks have any added benefit?

One reason that a player might show two different point totals on different teams is if he played two games on a given weekend. One team could have picked to score a different game than another and so that player will have two different point totals for that week.

A more common reason for such a disparity is because the system currently displays the total number of fantasy points scored by a player since being added to that team’s roster. For example, if you picked the Toronto goaltenders back in Week #5 and kept them in your lineup the last three weeks, it will currently display 67 total fantasy points scored on your team’s roster page. This is only an accumulation of total fantasy points the Toronto goalies have scored since you added them.

There is no extra added benefit to keeping a player on your roster. In other words, the 67 points don’t keep getting added to your team’s point total weekly. If that were the case, nobody would ever transfer players! The only reason to keep a player on your team would be if you think they will continue to play well.

Do players perform better or worse when coming off a bye week?

This is a good question because logically speaking, it makes sense either way. You would think that players would perform better after having an extra week off to rest. Indoor lacrosse is a very tough sport that takes its toll on the body over time. Taking a week long vacation from being repeatedly checked should help players do better, right? Then again, it also makes sense to think a player could play worse after a bye because of a “rust” factor. Teams can get into a groove when they continually play week-in and week-out and even regular practice isn’t the same as real game experience.

The truth is, teams statistically tend to do about the same or even slightly worse when coming off a bye week. Looking at team records over the course of the last three seasons, teams around the league have put up a combined 16-19 record when coming off a bye week. As to be expected, some teams do better than others. For example, the Philadelphia Wings have a 1-4 record over the past three years after a bye week while the Calgary Roughnecks have a 3-1 record after coming off a bye.

Considering teams overall post a sub-.500 record after a bye week, it can be surmised that players generally do worse in their first game back to action. There are always exceptions to every rule (Philadelphia’s goalies had -9 fantasy points in Week 6, didn’t play in Week #7, and then had a strong 25 fantasy point performance against the Knighthawks in Week #8), but this information is definitely something to take into consideration when determining your fantasy lineup.

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