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League statement on CCES ruling

03/09/2013, 3:15pm EST
By NLL.com

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The National Lacrosse League has issued the following statement regarding an announcement made today by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES).

"The NLL’s policy on performance enhancing drug use is governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Professional Lacrosse Players Association, set forth below. Any testing conducted by any other entity is outside the scope of the CBA and is not an NLL matter."

Section 8.3- Policy on Performance Enhancing Drugs

The LEAGUE will take disciplinary action against PLAYERS who use, distribute or possess performance enhancing drugs, or who violate LEAGUE rules in reference to possession of performance enhancing drugs. The LEAGUE prohibits PLAYER use of all performance enhancing drugs, including steroids and human and animal growth hormones.

PLAYERS must report to games, practices, LEAGUE\Club meetings or promotional activities in a fit condition free from any impairment or being under the influence of performance enhancing drugs.

PLAYERS who use or distribute performance enhancing drugs on the job or during or before practices or games are subject to disciplinary action, including suspension, and/or immediate termination of their STANDARD PLAYER AGREEMENT.

Section 8.4 - Testing for Performance Enhancing Drugs

A. Testing

Every PLAYER will be subject to no more than one (1) random test for the presence of performance enhancing drugs per season. In addition to the aforementioned random test, if the LEAGUE or CLUB has reasonable suspicion that the PLAYER is using or in possession of performance enhancing drugs while the PLAYER is working for the LEAGUE\Club on or off LEAGUE\Club premises or is otherwise on premises utilized by the LEAGUE\Club. If the LEAGUE or CLUB identifies the common symptoms of usage, then the PLAYER will be referred to a Physician not employed by the CLUB immediately for possible testing.

Any testing procedure for probable drug use will be done only after, and immediately following, the determination by said physician that a reasonable suspicion exists that the PLAYER may be using performance enhancing drugs.

The specimens collected from a PLAYER will be split into two samples, labeled "A" and "B", at the time of collection. The testing laboratory will test specimen "A" from the PLAYER.

Failure to take the required test will be cause for discipline, including suspension and/or termination of a Player’s STANDARDS PLAYER AGREEMENT. All testing shall occur only from the period of the beginning of training camp through the end of the Season, including playoffs. All costs associated with the testing are the responsibility of the LEAGUE.

1. Confidentiality

All individuals to be tested will be advised of the purpose and consequences of the particular test. Test results will be confidential and shall be disclosed only to the player tested, the Club physician, the LEAGUE, and the ASSOCIATION.

2. Scope of Test

All tests will be limited to test solely to detect the presence of performance enhancing drugs.

3. Sample Integrity

The LEAGUE and the PLPA will endeavor to mutually agree to select, and contract with, an appropriate sample collecting authority, and an appropriate testing laboratory. In order to ensure the accuracy of any sample given and to avoid confusion of samples, a testing laboratory employee may be present during collection of the sample.

B. Test Results

1. A positive test shall result in suspension. A "clean test" or active and ongoing participation in a LEAGUE approved rehabilitation program shall be required before reinstatement. Successful completion of an approved rehabilitation program shall be a condition of continued employment. PLAYERS who test positive may be tested at random during the twelve (12) month period following reinstatement.

2. PLAYERS testing positive for a second time within a twelve (12) month period shall be subject to further discipline by the Commissioner.

3. PLAYERS disagreeing with test results may choose to have to the “B” sample tested at their expense. In order to be recognized, the laboratory capabilities must be reasonably acceptable to management and must be medically recognized.

C. Definitions

1. Legal Drug: Prescribed drugs and over-the-counter drugs which have been legally obtained and are being used for their intended purpose or as prescribed.

2. Performance Enhancing Drugs: Any and all anabolic androgenic agents covered by Schedule III of the Code of Federal Regulations’ Schedule of Controlled Substances (“Schedule III”), as amended from time to time, which have not been lawfully obtained, shall be considered Performance Enhancing Drugs. Anabolic androgenic agents that are not covered by Schedule III but that may not be lawfully obtained shall also be considered Performance Enhancing Drugs covered by this section.

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