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Knighthawks First-Round Pick Noble Might Seek Trade Out West

Per IL Indoor, Rochester’s 2nd overall selection will not report to the team

With training camps in full swing as the 2015 NLL season nears, the three-time defending champion Rochester Knighthawks have hit a road bump in their quest for a fourth-straight title as IL Indoor’s Stephen Stamp reports that Jeremy Noble, Rochester’s first-round (2nd overall) selection in the 2014 Draft, will not report to the team this season.

“This isn’t your usual rookie draft pick profile,” Stamp writes. “Normally they focus on how the player is going to fit in with the team that selected him, what he’ll bring to the table and what he expects his role with the team to be. Well, in this case that just isn’t going to happen. Jeremy Noble won’t be playing for the Rochester Knighthawks, who selected him second overall in the 2014 National Lacrosse League Entry Draft.”

“Noble is very up front and forthcoming when he talks about why he won’t be able to commit to the Knighthawks. He lives in Denver, where he recently graduated from university, and is going through the interview process for a couple of job opportunities there, either of which would see him “travelling throughout the United States during the week, to Seattle and California, all different places with work. To do that during the week and then travel to Rochester on weekends would make it pretty tough for me to have a life at all,” Noble says.

“The righty forward out of the Orangeville Northmen system took pains to make it clear that the problem is with his schedule and commitments in Denver, not with the Knighthawks.

“It’s nothing against Rochester, Mr. Styres [owner and GM Curt Styres], anyone in the organization, any teammates. I have no problem with Rochester. But for living purposes and work purposes it just wouldn’t work out to be there now. It’s unfortunate that it’s come down to that, but I have no problem with Rochester or the organization, I think they’re first class.”

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