Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day! Today, We Celebrate the Resilience, Wisdom, and Vibrant Traditions of all Indigenous Peoples

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Our goal at the National Lacrosse League is to amplify inclusion in all we do on and off the floor. Through service, grassroots outreach and player development, the NLL listens to and assists all those we touch. We strive to use our platform, and our great multicultural and multinational game, to positively impact the lives of all we come in contact with.

Lacrosse is a game whose origins in North America comes from not one or two nations, but three. It’s history starts, and continues to thrive, with the Indigenous People, and as we look forward to a bright future as a league, we cannot forget our past and those who have come before us to help build the game. That game is sometimes more complicated than a win or a loss, it involves the thoughts, the actions and the passion of the people involved…all people, regardless of race, creed, gender or color.

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