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Scores / Schedule


Cam Wyers
56'5"220DPlayer Info
Zack Belter
776'5"225DPlayer Info
Christian Watts
246'2"200FPlayer Info
Evan Constantopoulos
466'6"230GPlayer Info
Matt Vinc
486'1"212GPlayer Info
Paul Dawson
26'5"237DPlayer Info
Steve Priolo
236'5"227DPlayer Info
Kyle Buchanan
915'8"165FPlayer Info
Dhane Smith
926'2"207FPlayer Info
Nick Weiss
206'2"212TPlayer Info
Adam Bomberry
156'1"215DPlayer Info
Bryce Sweeting
946'2"204DPlayer Info
Matt Spanger
256'4"207DPlayer Info
Justin Martin
215'11"182DPlayer Info
Josh Byrne
226'3"207FPlayer Info
Chase Fraser
956'3"200FPlayer Info
Frank Brown
836'4"220DPlayer Info
Chris Cloutier
26'0"227FPlayer Info
Ian MacKay
45'10"216TPlayer Info
Brandon Robinson
736'3"200FPlayer Info
Cory Highfield
966'2"200TPlayer Info
Justin Robinson
536'1"185DPlayer Info
Devlin Shanahan
306'0"177GPlayer Info
Tehoka Nanticoke
16'1"230FPlayer Info
Sam La Roue
126'3"195DPlayer Info
Brad McCulley
436'1"200FPlayer Info
Carter McKenzie
6'4"210TPlayer Info
Dalton Sulver
276'1"213FPlayer Info
Steve Orleman
446'0"185GPlayer Info
Alex Kew
886'4"215FPlayer Info
Connor Farrell
416'2"240TPlayer Info
Emerson Clark
75'10"205FPlayer Info
Dylan Robinson
86'2"180DPlayer Info
Chase Schiavon
106'2"200DPlayer Info
Zack Kearney
56'0"190FPlayer Info
Nick Rose
666'0"285GPlayer Info
Chris Corbeil
166'2"200TPlayer Info
Corey Small
155'10"205FPlayer Info
Mark Matthews
426'5"230FPlayer Info
Billy Hostrawser
915'11"180DPlayer Info
Sheldon Burns
716'1"185DPlayer Info
Brad Kri
206'3"220DPlayer Info
Dan Lintner
415'9"185FPlayer Info
Mitch de Snoo
126'2"221DPlayer Info
Challen Rogers
236'4"220FPlayer Info
Tom Schreiber
266'0"190FPlayer Info
Latrell Harris
936'0"215DPlayer Info
Reid Reinholdt
975'11"175FPlayer Info
Brandon Slade
615'9"160DPlayer Info
Dan Craig
256'1"180FPlayer Info
Chris Boushy
216'0"210FPlayer Info
Cam Milligan
956'2"180FPlayer Info
Josh Jubenville
335'9"185DPlayer Info
TD Ierlan
35'9"175DPlayer Info
Phil Mazzuca
146'0"205TPlayer Info
Chris Weier
556'1"200DPlayer Info
Troy Holowchuk
926'3"190GPlayer Info
Jordan McKenna
515'11"180DPlayer Info
Marley Angus
96'0"185FPlayer Info
Josh Dawick
85'10"175FPlayer Info
Sam Haines
06'4"220GPlayer Info
Tyler Hendrycks
116'3"215TPlayer Info
Justin J. Martin
245'11"190DPlayer Info
Adam Bland
455'11"236GPlayer Info
Justin Inacio
305'10"190TPlayer Info
Kieran McKay
86'4"190DPlayer Info
Seth Van Schepen
166'6"205FPlayer Info
Tyler Yanko
55'10"170FPlayer Info
Riley Isaacs
296'2"210FPlayer Info
Bennett Smith
216'0"190DPlayer Info
Jeff Cornwall
36'3"220DPlayer Info
Steve Fryer
396'0"195GPlayer Info
Logan Schuss
246'0"210FPlayer Info
Jesse King
196'3"220FPlayer Info
Dan Taylor
266'3"200FPlayer Info
Thomas Hoggarth
916'3"205FPlayer Info
Christian Del Bianco
355'10"209GPlayer Info
Josh Currier
275'11"164FPlayer Info
Zach Currier
775'11"182TPlayer Info
Tyler Pace
686'0"180FPlayer Info
Shane Simpson
226'1"190TPlayer Info
Reece Callies
26'7"241DPlayer Info
Eli Salama
136'2"211DPlayer Info
Haiden Dickson
976'1"185FPlayer Info
Liam LeClair
236'4"206DPlayer Info
Derek Lloyd
5'9"195TPlayer Info
Robert Hudson
376'3"200TPlayer Info
Tanner Cook
126'3"215FPlayer Info
Harrison Matsuoka
186'0"180TPlayer Info
Ethan Ticehurst
745'11"158TPlayer Info
Brett McIntyre
445'9"170FPlayer Info
Clay Scanlan
815'10"175FPlayer Info
Thomas Vela
795'9"186FPlayer Info
Jon Phillips
196'1"190FPlayer Info
Evan Downey
256'0"190FPlayer Info
Brett Draper
945'9"165DPlayer Info
Noah Lebar
836'3"225DPlayer Info
Owen Down
266'5"190DPlayer Info
Ben McDonald
116'1"195FPlayer Info
Sean Kriwokon
286'4"220DPlayer Info
Tyler Carlson
306'1"220GPlayer Info
Joey Cupido
825'10"175TPlayer Info
Tyler Garrison
156'2"200DPlayer Info
Dillon Ward
456'5"195GPlayer Info
Robert Hope
186'3"190DPlayer Info
Eli McLaughlin
516'0"195FPlayer Info
Chris Wardle
186'0"185FPlayer Info
Jordan Gilles
235'11"200DPlayer Info
Josh Sullivan
46'1"185DPlayer Info
Tim Edwards
36'2"200DPlayer Info
Ryan Lee
165'9"180FPlayer Info
Zed Williams
286'2"235FPlayer Info
Anthony Joaquim
336'2"205DPlayer Info
Connor Kelly
406'0"196FPlayer Info
Connor Robinson
966'0"200FPlayer Info
Nate Wade
516'2"220DPlayer Info
Brett Craig
136'5"225DPlayer Info
Tyson Gibson
436'1"181FPlayer Info
Warren Jeffrey
146'3"225DPlayer Info
Dylan Kinnear
556'0"195FPlayer Info
Jordan Stouros
675'11"200TPlayer Info
Jalen Chaster
716'0"175DPlayer Info
Nate Faccin
316'4"225GPlayer Info
Parker Pipher
5'10"170TPlayer Info
Brady Kearnan
926'0"190FPlayer Info
Chet Comizio
575'10"175DPlayer Info
Kaleb Benedict
995'11"195FPlayer Info
Jacob Hickey
6'4"180FPlayer Info
Angus Goodleaf
516'2"274GPlayer Info
Jeremy Thompson
746'0"190TPlayer Info
Jordan MacIntosh
246'0"210TPlayer Info
Mike Manley
56'2"235DPlayer Info
Shayne Jackson
325'9"180FPlayer Info
John Ranagan
316'4"216DPlayer Info
Miles Thompson
25'11"185FPlayer Info
Lyle Thompson
46'0"180FPlayer Info
Liam Byrnes
126'3"195DPlayer Info
Bryan Cole
556'2"190TPlayer Info
Seth Oakes
665'11"190FPlayer Info
Brendan Bomberry
216'1"185FPlayer Info
Adam Wiedemann
276'1"175DPlayer Info
Zach Miller
335'11"170FPlayer Info
Andrew Kew
426'3"200FPlayer Info
Kason Tarbell
156'1"185TPlayer Info
Ethan Riggs
106'4"230DPlayer Info
TJ Comizio
915'10"165DPlayer Info
Jeff Henrick
115'11"190DPlayer Info
Brett Dobson
456'2"200GPlayer Info
Luke Keenan
86'1"195FPlayer Info
Dustin Hill
785'10"210GPlayer Info
Ryan Barnable
775'10"170DPlayer Info
Jake Boudreau
436'2"185TPlayer Info
Laine Hruska
466'1"220GPlayer Info
Isaac Ngyou
66'1"185DPlayer Info
Jeremy Searle
226'3"215TPlayer Info
Jerrett Smith
956'3"210TPlayer Info
Jake Bowen
516'3"200FPlayer Info
Thomas Kiazyk
16'3"180GPlayer Info
Frank Scigliano
926'4"275GPlayer Info
Mike Mallory
106'2"190FPlayer Info
Robert Church
175'10"200FPlayer Info
Mike Messenger
86'2"225TPlayer Info
Ryan Keenan
156'0"205FPlayer Info
Adam Jay
476'3"215DPlayer Info
Mike Triolo
296'7"225FPlayer Info
Keegan Bell
976'5"210FPlayer Info
Holden Garlent
706'2"198DPlayer Info
Zach Manns
26'2"180FPlayer Info
Bobby Kidd III
36'3"185DPlayer Info
Connor McClelland
136'0"175DPlayer Info
Patrick Dodds
76'3"212FPlayer Info
Clark Walter
95'11"180FPlayer Info
Nathaniel Kozevnikov
216'1"225FPlayer Info
Nick Preston
256'2"185TPlayer Info
Cameron Wengreniuk
966'1"200FPlayer Info
Jackson Ganton
275'11"185DPlayer Info
Mitchell Armstrong
65'11"185DPlayer Info
Nicholas Rowlett
736'0"175TPlayer Info
Kevin Lynch
776'2"195DPlayer Info
Ian Llord
296'2"198DPlayer Info
Joe Resetarits
155'11"188FPlayer Info
Mitch Jones
246'2"205FPlayer Info
Zach Higgins
316'1"225GPlayer Info
Ben McIntosh
905'11"205FPlayer Info
Chad Tutton
126'1"220DPlayer Info
Ryan Wagner
946'1"190DPlayer Info
Holden Cattoni
195'11"216FPlayer Info
Blaze Riorden
106'0"215FPlayer Info
Eric Shewell
206'1"179DPlayer Info
Scott Dominey
136'0"185DPlayer Info
Isaiah Davis-Allen
266'2"180DPlayer Info
Marcus Minichiello
496'2"165DPlayer Info
Alex Pace
416'1"185DPlayer Info
Tanner Buck
45'8"155FPlayer Info
Sam LeClair
925'10"185FPlayer Info
Taite Cattoni
915'9"180FPlayer Info
Jack Jasinski
505'7"165FPlayer Info
Mike McCannell
966'1"190TPlayer Info
Deacan Knott
306'1"195GPlayer Info
Payton Rezanka
345'11"200DPlayer Info
Ben Stewart
476'2"205FPlayer Info
Xander Dickson
106'1"160FPlayer Info
Matthew Abbott
35'11"180DPlayer Info
Brodie Merrill
176'4"215DPlayer Info
Mike Poulin
306'1"205GPlayer Info
Dane Dobbie
445'9"205FPlayer Info
Kyle Rubisch
46'2"230DPlayer Info
Curtis Dickson
716'2"195FPlayer Info
Jesse Gamble
75'9"180TPlayer Info
Cam Holding
196'1"205DPlayer Info
Wesley Berg
146'2"210FPlayer Info
Kellen LeClair
526'3"210DPlayer Info
Kyle Jackson
475'9"175FPlayer Info
Drew Belgrave
25'11"185DPlayer Info
Trevor Baptiste
95'10"230TPlayer Info
Dallas Wade
295'10"170DPlayer Info
Austin Staats
836'0"220FPlayer Info
Graydon Bradley
46'4"215DPlayer Info
Oliver Bolsterli
226'1"185DPlayer Info
Eli Gobrecht
255'11"200DPlayer Info
Matt Sykes
126'3"220DPlayer Info
Mac O'Keefe
36'1"180FPlayer Info
Jacob Dunbar
135'11"180FPlayer Info
Patrick Shoemay
266'3"215DPlayer Info
Tre Leclaire
336'2"210TPlayer Info
Thomas Semple
905'8"185FPlayer Info
Christopher Origlieri
316'3"200GPlayer Info
Liam Phillips
286'0"185TPlayer Info
Danny Logan
915'11"200DPlayer Info
Jake Govett
886'2"200FPlayer Info
Cameron Lumb
116'1"185DPlayer Info
Adam Noakes
166'1"190FPlayer Info
Jerry Staats
776'0"205DPlayer Info
Tyson Kirkness
516'0"195DPlayer Info
Dylan McIntosh
476'2"180FPlayer Info
Owen Grant
166'3"205TPlayer Info
Connor O'Toole
396'1"165GPlayer Info
Brayden Laity
276'3"200DPlayer Info
Aaron Bold
776'2"205GPlayer Info
Brett Mydske
126'4"215DPlayer Info
Matt Beers
26'3"205DPlayer Info
Ryan Dilks
246'1"195DPlayer Info
Kevin Crowley
216'4"230FPlayer Info
Riley Loewen
106'1"192FPlayer Info
Keegan Bal
456'2"180FPlayer Info
Anthony Kalinich
816'1"195DPlayer Info
Ryan Martel
965'10"194FPlayer Info
Steph Charbonneau
195'11"175DPlayer Info
Kyle Killen
675'10"180FPlayer Info
Tyrell Hamer-Jackson
955'6"200DPlayer Info
Chris Willman
176'0"215DPlayer Info
Adam Charalambides
86'2"195FPlayer Info
Reid Bowering
286'0"190DPlayer Info
Jackson Suboch
376'5"195DPlayer Info
Aden Walsh
296'4"180GPlayer Info
Marcus Klarich
146'3"165TPlayer Info
Cole Kirst
476'3"210FPlayer Info
Andrew Vradenburg
106'1"180DPlayer Info
Aaron Woods
75'9"180FPlayer Info
Caelan Mander
146'5"205DPlayer Info
Briley Maxwell
716'3"200FPlayer Info
Ryan Benesch
175'8"195FPlayer Info
Cody Jamieson
885'9"216FPlayer Info
David Brock
136'4"223DPlayer Info
Randy Staats
836'2"217FPlayer Info
Tyson Bell
946'2"193DPlayer Info
Luc Magnan
456'0"225DPlayer Info
Graeme Hossack
46'2"240DPlayer Info
Eric Fannell
436'2"203FPlayer Info
Jake Withers
185'11"202TPlayer Info
Warren Hill
765'10"240GPlayer Info
Austin Shanks
335'10"195FPlayer Info
Johnny Pearson
156'4"220TPlayer Info
Dawson Theede
516'4"250FPlayer Info
Colton Armstrong
445'11"190TPlayer Info
Jake Fox
236'2"200FPlayer Info
Clarke Petterson
245'11"190FPlayer Info
Trevor Smyth
686'3"190DPlayer Info
Nonkon Thompson
196'2"175DPlayer Info
Jordan Trottier
916'4"215DPlayer Info
Ryan Terefenko
346'0"195TPlayer Info
Brett Beetow
206'0"185DPlayer Info
Wake:Riat BowHunter
856'0"215TPlayer Info
Drew Hutchison
376'2"195GPlayer Info
Kealan Pilon
5'9"165FPlayer Info
Max Wilson
96'2"190DPlayer Info
Rhys Blake
Player Info
Austin Madronic
935'10"180FPlayer Info
Zack Deaken
105'10"175DPlayer Info
Colton Lidstone
185'10"170FPlayer Info
Matt Anderson
55'11"155FPlayer Info
Jacob Gasperetti
5'10"155TPlayer Info
Callum Jones
116'0"165DPlayer Info
Robert Morgan
06'2"210DPlayer Info
Taggart Clark
56'3"193FPlayer Info
Jay Thorimbert
756'0"200DPlayer Info
Damon Edwards
456'1"195DPlayer Info
John LaFontaine
336'1"215TPlayer Info
Stephen Keogh
285'10"200FPlayer Info
Kiel Matisz
466'5"225TPlayer Info
Kevin Brownell
86'0"180TPlayer Info
Matthew Bennett
176'2"198DPlayer Info
Mitch Wilde
556'3"214TPlayer Info
Reilly O'Connor
96'1"175FPlayer Info
Kevin Orleman
5'11"190GPlayer Info
Mackenzie Mitchell
196'3"205DPlayer Info
Connor Kearnan
925'8"180FPlayer Info
Jake McNabb
Player Info
Brent Noseworthy
156'4"220TPlayer Info
Ron John
886'0"200TPlayer Info
Matt Marinier
446'6"225DPlayer Info
Jeff Teat
515'10"170FPlayer Info
Andrew Borgatti
586'0"175DPlayer Info
Larson Sundown
686'1"195FPlayer Info
Cameron Dunkerley
866'0"155GPlayer Info
Will Johnston
316'0"170GPlayer Info
Jack Kelly
166'0"175FPlayer Info
Kaleb Martin
16'2"185GPlayer Info
Corson Kealey
436'0"180FPlayer Info
Justin Tkachuk
05'11"170TPlayer Info
Joe Post
336'0"200DPlayer Info
Thomas McConvey
126'4"210FPlayer Info
Taylor Jensen
326'0"150TPlayer Info
Ben MacDonnell
26'3"195FPlayer Info
Greg Harnett
115'11"185DPlayer Info
Dan Coates
376'0"195DPlayer Info
Curtis Knight
95'10"175FPlayer Info
Ethan O'Connor
216'1"185DPlayer Info
Turner Evans
55'9"170FPlayer Info
Brad Gillies
66'1"195TPlayer Info
Dan Lomas
615'11"196FPlayer Info
Riley Hutchcraft
16'0"210GPlayer Info
Matt Gilray
816'3"206TPlayer Info
Doug Buchan
576'3"284GPlayer Info
Connor Fields
106'0"180FPlayer Info
Tyler Biles
296'1"209DPlayer Info
Jamison Dilks
5'11"155FPlayer Info
Tyler Halls
276'0"200DPlayer Info
Rylan Hartley
495'11"165GPlayer Info
Ryland Rees
176'2"195TPlayer Info
Thomas Whitty
36'1"185TPlayer Info
Ryan Smith
436'2"220FPlayer Info
Kyle Waters
426'4"205FPlayer Info
Mitch Ogilvie
85'9"200DPlayer Info
Ryan Lanchbury
76'0"175FPlayer Info
Austin Hasen
186'0"215FPlayer Info
Pent Eistrat
935'11"175DPlayer Info
Dylan Sprentz
366'1"195GPlayer Info
Jason Knox
116'4"205FPlayer Info
Ryan Sheridan
926'4"205FPlayer Info
Callum Crawford
986'3"205FPlayer Info
John Lintz
6'3"215DPlayer Info
Tyler Burton
76'0"215TPlayer Info
Brandon Goodwin
916'3"212TPlayer Info
Tony Malcom
26'1"210TPlayer Info
Phil Caputo
196'3"200FPlayer Info
Connor Sellars
136'3"215DPlayer Info
Matt Hossack
946'0"192DPlayer Info
Evan Messenger
276'2"200FPlayer Info