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Lacrosse is more than a game. It is an opportunity to celebrate unique origins, embrace differences, and improve communities. Our goal at the National Lacrosse League is to promote continuous learning, and support initiatives to make us a better league.  We will accomplish this objective through our three pillars: Heritage, Inclusion and Service.

every child matters

The NLL is proud to support the Every Child Matters initiative again for the 2023-24 season to raise awareness of the regretful operation of residential/boarding schools for the purpose of assimilating Indigenous children. It is a movement to bring truth and reconciliation to a People who gave us the game we love and part of the league’s ever-growing participation and awareness tied to Indigenous culture. To learn more about this initiative, click the button below.

The National Lacrosse League did not exist one thousand years ago, but that is precisely when the inspiration for the NLL Unites platform was established. It is built around honoring and respecting the gift of lacrosse, and celebrating the values of the people who founded the game one thousand years ago. We engaged and continue to engage with leaders and organizations from Indigenous communities to listen and learn. There are over 1,000 Nations recognized across North America, each with its own unique culture. We are inspired to seek to understand and identify authentic opportunities to engage.

Our journey also includes learning from our stakeholders and ecosystem.  We collaborated with RISE to conduct a series of focus groups with NLL players, teams, and front office staff to explore topics around diversity and inclusion, heritage, and equality. Students from the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology conducted a CSR landscape analysis to recommend initiatives for NLL Unites. Our League connected with other leagues, consultants, and ongoing partners to best understand the unique needs of the sport and its growing fandom.

Our CSR journey is just beginning, and now you a part of that journey. Together, we can ensure that our histories are shared and honored, our differences are acknowledged and celebrated, and our communities are served and united.

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