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Hosts Devan Kaney (@DevanKaneyTV) & Ashley Docking (@SmrtAsh) cross borders and boundaries in this honest and unfiltered podcast. The fearless co-hosts always keep it real and get candid with athletes, influence, and more on Hot Mics.

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Episode 8: Olympic Wrestlers Kayla Miracle and Sarah Hildebrandt talk Tokyo 2021

6-8-2021: Devan and Ashley are joined by Olympians Kayla Miracle and Sarah Hildebrandt in an open conversation about wrestling, training, the WWE, gender norms in combat sports and the issue of transgender athletes. Devan and Ashley also delve into Naomi Osaka’s recent decision to withdraw from the French Open and how that could impact the reporting landscape in the future.

Episode 7: Letterkenny’s Tyler Johnston on Love of Lacrosse, Canadian Slang & Everything in between

5-21-2021: Letterkenny actor Tyler Johnston joins Devan and Ashley on Hot Mics Episode 7 to talk about his love of lacrosse, the realization that we all may be hockey bros deep down inside, and why he’s proud of the way his show remains funny while refusing to punch down.

Episode 6: Terrence Ross riffs on NBA Top Shot Influence, Marvel Movies & Covid challenges

5-7-2021: Orlando Magic guard Terrence Ross joins Devan and Ashley this week. He weighs in on the unique struggles for the NBA in COVID, explains NBA Top Shot and the Marvel Universe. Ross also reflects on his time in Toronto and why movie theatre popcorn makes the best meal. Also, on the heels of Tom Wilson’s recent violence, Devan and Ashley discuss where to draw the line in a fight and reveal if they’ve ever thrown hands.

Episode 5: Just the Two of Us

4-23-2021: Get to know more about co-hosts Devan and Ashley in their first solo episode of Hot Mics. The duo discuss European Super League drama and whether relegation would be a good motivator for lacrosse teams, the influence social media has on the brand of a league and its players. Devan and Ashley also take fan questions and give unfiltered answers like only they can.

Episode 4: Mike Golic Jr on Love for Lacrosse and Taylor Swift, Tom Schreiber Checks in

4-9-2021: Hosts Devan Kaney and Ashley Docking welcome ESPN’s Mike Golic Jr. to discuss Taylor Swift, the evolution in coverage and awareness of the WNBA and lacrosse, and more. The Toronto Rock’s Tom Schreiber also pops by to tell the hosts about his new partner, Epoch Lacrosse.

Episode 3: Entrepreneur Meghan Chayka Shares Wisdom, Logan Schuss is Psyched to Return

3-19-2021: In Episode 3 of Hot Mics, Devan and Ashley sit down with Meghan Chayka, co-founder and CEO of sports analytics company Stathletes, to talk about working in two male dominated industries – sports and tech. Meghan shares her wisdom how to get more women hired as analysts, and how analytics can help growing sports like lacrosse reach the next level.

Devan and Ashley also catch up with Vancouver Warriors Captain Logan Schuss to find out how he really feels about the NLL’s official start date and what’s been keeping him busy in the meantime, including trying to see his Granny, who is a social media star.

Episode 2: Chris Hogan Reveals Why He’s Returning to Lacrosse; Manney on Move to Albany

3-4-2021: Two-time Super Bowl champion joins Devan Kaney and Ashley Docking on Episode 2 of Hot Mics. The former New England Patriot and Penn State lacrosse star opens up about his decision to the sport, how he plans to grow the game and which opponents in the PLL represent the biggest challenges. Devan & Ashley also check in with Albany NLL Captain Brett Manney to hear how the team is adjusting to relocation

Episode 1: Super Bowl Champion, Steve McLendon

2-18-2021: In this inaugural Hot Mics podcast, hosts Devan Kaney and Ashley Docking chop it up with Steve McLendon, a defensive lineman for the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers. McLendon shares what it’s like to play with Tom Brad, shares how his kids exposed him to lacrosse and why he thinks it’s “The Ultimate Sport.” Devan and Ashley also weigh in on the NLL’s cancelled season, their visions for the show and a fun bit we like to call “Pick and Roll.”