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5 Questions With Alystia Moore

Women belong in sports, and they belong in lacrosse. In honour of Women’s History Month, we are featuring one of the women in the National Lacrosse League’s front office. Alystia Moore, Director of Media Partnerships, joined the League in 2022 after graduating from the University of North Carolina in 2011.

NLL.com correspondent Anna Taylor asked Alystia to answer five questions about her career, her life and her passions.

AT: Can you explain what your position with the NLL entails?

AM: As the Director of Media Partnerships, I serve as the liaison between the League and our media partners. I handle viewership tracking, TV scheduling strategy, and planning for the NLL’s current and future media rights. I also work on event logistics for special projects throughout the year, such as the UnBOXed Series in Montreal, the Hall of Fame, the Draft, etc.

AT: Did you always know you wanted to work in sports?

AM: Yes and no. As a kid, I played basketball and ran track, but at that point, I wanted to be the next Oprah. I went to Carolina to study broadcast journalism and learn the ins and outs of storytelling in front of and behind the camera. Throughout my time in undergrad, I covered various sports, learned more about the industry, and ultimately decided to pursue a sports career.

My primary exposure to lacrosse was through the field game. I covered men’s and women’s lacrosse at Carolina. Also, I worked on NCAA lacrosse regular season and championship production and programming at ESPN. The NLL gave me my introduction to box lacrosse!

AT: What does it mean to you to be able to show young girls, especially young Black girls, that a career in professional sports in achievable? Who were some of the people you looked up to when you were young?

AM: It means everything to me. The career paths within professional sports aren’t always obvious, so I think it’s important to provide exposure into the various opportunities. I want to be an example for young girls and other women that although the professional sports industry isn’t as diverse as it should be, we deserve to have a seat at the table and a voice in the room. And specifically for young Black girls, I want to be an example of being authentically and unapologetically yourself. I looked up to Oprah, Robin Roberts, Stuart Scott, and many more when I was younger.

AT: What is the most rewarding part of working for the NLL?

AM: The people. We have a small yet mighty team at the League office working with the member clubs to raise awareness for this exciting game and create exposure opportunities for our talented players. This team comes together to produce games (up to 148 per season), create social and digital content, launch a grassroots campaign (unBOXed), and so much more. I often wonder how on earth we can pull off some of the things we do, but I know it’s a testament to the hard work and talent of the people I work with daily.

AT: Which players and teams in our League do you enjoy watching? What about in other sports?

AM: All of them 😊 But seriously, I enjoy our game atmosphere. We not only have incredible and highly competitive athletes, but if I were to put some of our fan bases next to some of the best in the world, they would hold their own.

As for other sports, I root for any and every Carolina team (Go Heels), LeBron (21 seasons?!), the Panthers (Keep Pounding!), and the Aces (Back to Back).