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Week 13 Injury Report



Albany Greg Downing Out
Albany Charlie Kitchen Out
Albany Travis Longboat Out
Albany Joe Nardella Out
Buffalo Bye Week Bye Week
Calgary Tyler Pace Questionable
Calgary Ethan Ticehurst Questionable
Calgary Jeff Cornwall Out
Calgary Justin Inacio Out
Calgary Tyler Yanko Out
Colorado Ryan Lee Questionable
Colorado Rhys Duch Doubtful
Colorado Eli McLaughlin Doubtful
Colorado Brett Draper Out
Georgia Jordan MacIntosh Doubtful
Georgia Jeff Henrick Out
Georgia Miles Thompson Out
Halifax Bye Week Bye Week
Las Vegas Marshal King Questionable
Las Vegas Travis Cornwall Out
New York Andrew Borgatti Out
New York Brett Hickey Out
New York Will Johnston Out
New York Dan MacRae Out
New York Mackenzie Mitchell Out
New York Kevin Orleman Out
Panther City None Reported None Reported
Philadelphia Bye Week Bye Week
Rochester Dan Coates Out
Rochester Cory Highfield Out
Rochester Carter Schott Out
Rochester Thomas Whitty Out
San Diego Bye Week Bye Week
Saskatchewan Ryan Barnable Questionable
Saskatchewan Clark Walter Questionable
Saskatchewan Mike Mallory Doubtful
Toronto Bye Week Bye Week
Vancouver Jonathan Gagliardi Questionable
Vancouver Anthony Kalinich Questionable
Vancouver Aden Walsh Out