The First Round of the Postseason is Set! Full Quarterfinal Schedule

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Week 9 Injury Report


Albany Bye Week Bye Week
Buffalo Nathaniel Kozevnikov Doubtful
Buffalo Chris Cloutier Out
Calgary Ethan Ticehurst Doubtful
Calgary Justin Inacio Out
Calgary Tyler Yanko Out
Colorado John Lintz Questionable
Colorado Ryan Lee Out
Georgia Bye Week Bye Week
Halifax Clarke Petterson Questionable
Halifax Randy Staats Questionable
Halifax David Brock Doubtful
Halifax Kealan Pilon Out
Halifax Nonkon Thompson Out
Las Vegas Sam Firth Questionable
Las Vegas Marshal King Out
Las Vegas John Wagner Out
New York Dan MacRae Questionable
New York Will Johnston Out
New York Kevin Orleman Out
Panther City Nate Wade Out
Philadelphia Sam LeClair Questionable
Philadelphia Ian Llord Out
Rochester Dan Coates Out
Rochester Cory Highfield Out
Rochester Carter Schott Out
Rochester Thomas Whitty Out
San Diego Oliver Bolsterli Out
San Diego Casey Jackson Out
Saskatchewan Ryan Dilks Questionable
Saskatchewan Mike Mallory Questionable
Saskatchewan Ryan Barnable Out
Toronto Dan Dawson Questionable
Toronto Brandon Slade Questionable
Toronto Chris Corbeil Out
Toronto Tyler Hendrycks Out
Vancouver Connor Goodwin Out
Vancouver Justin Salt Out