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History of the NLL Hall of Fame

The NLL Hall of Fame is the highest honor and pays tribute to those who’s talents and triumphs have made invaluable impact on the sport of lacrosse and the league dating through the Eagle Pro Box Lacrosse League, Major Indoor Lacrosse League, and now into the National Lacrosse League days.

The NLL Hall of Fame was announced on June 16, 2005 with five charter members who made immeasurable contributions to the league and the sport of lacrosse since its inception in 1986. The five charter members are league founders Russ Cline and Chris Fritz; legendary lacrosse stars Gary and Paul Gait, and the late Les Bartley, the winningest coach in league history at the time.

The charter class was inducted on February 23, 2006 with all five members. Over the course of the next decade, a yearly class would be inducted into the Hall of Fame including players, coaches, and other executives. After the induction in 2016, the Hall of Fame went on a five year hiatus until it was announced it would be returning during the 2020 NLL Entry Draft. A new class was announced for the Class of 2021, including the first two referees.

As of today, there are 37 members in the NLL Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame Members (By Name)

Hall of Fame Members (By Induction Year)

  • Charter Class - 2006
    • Les Bartley
    • Russ Cline
    • Chris Fritz
    • Gary Gait
    • Paul Gait
  • 2007
    • Tom Borrelli
    • Mike French
    • Darris Kilgour
    • Tom Marechek
  • 2008
    • Sal LoCascio
    • Johnny Mouradian
    • Tony Resch
    • Neil Stevens
  • 2009
    • Dallas Eliuk
    • Jim Veltman
  • 2010
    • Rich Kilgour
    • Dan Stroup
    • John Tucker
  • 2011
    • Bob Watson
  • 2012
    • Steve Dietrich
  • 2013
    • Pat O’Toole
  • 2014
    • Pat Coyle
    • Chris Hall
  • 2015
    • Terry Sanderson
  • 2016
    • Tracey Kelusky
    • Josh Sanderson
    • John Tavares
  • 2021
    • Roy Condon
    • Colin Doyle
    • Kevin Finneran
    • Bill Fox
    • John Grant Jr.
    • Pat McCready
    • Casey Powell
    • Regy Thorpe
    • Steve Toll
    • Shawn Williams