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Nll Media Credentials


Any party issued a credential to an NLL game or event shall be subject to the following terms of use:

The working credential is issued to an organization for the sole purpose of providing arena access to an accredited individual who has a legitimate working function (media or league guest) in connection with a game involving member teams of the National Lacrosse League (“NLL”). The bearer must be on a specific assignment (as a guest or employee) for the organization to which this credential is issued. It is non-transferable. Any unauthorized use of this credential subjects bearer to ejection from the arena and prosecution for criminal trespass.

The use of photographs, film, videotapes or audiotape of NLL games or excerpts thereof shall be absolutely prohibited except as expressly authorized herein. Television and radio stations may use excerpts of NLL games for news coverage purposes only. Any other use requires specific written approval from the NLL.

The use of any photograph, film tape, or drawing of the game, player interviews or other arena activities taken or made by the accredited organization of the individual for whom this credential has been issued, shall be limited to news coverage of the game by the organization to which this credential has been issued, unless expressly authorized in writing by the NLL.

Permission to film or tape the NLL games may be revoked at any time by the NLL.

All ownership, copyright and property rights in the NLL games, the telecast thereof and in the events and activities conducted in the arena shall remain the sole property of the NLL and no such rights are conferred or intended to be conferred or create on behalf of any other person or entity by the issuance of their credential.

The bearer of the credential and his or her employer assume all risk incidental to the performance by the bearer of his or her services and assume all risk incident to attending NLL games and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the NLL, its member teams, other agents and employees from and against all liability, loss damage or expense resulting from or arising out of his or her presence at the arena.

Acceptance of the credential constitutes agreement by the bearer and his or her organization to abide by the foregoing conditions.

For any questions or to request credential access, contact Wesley Uhler, NLL Digital Communications Coordinator at [email protected]