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Nll Top 50: #3 Kyle Rubisch

Three-time reigning defender of the year locks up IL Indoor’s third spot

With the 2015 National Lacrosse League season opening in just three weeks, IL Indoor’s countdown of the Top 50 Players in the NLL is now down to the final trio. Holding down the #3 spot is three-time reigning NLL Defensive Player of the Year Kyle Rubisch, the game’s premier shutdown defender who often marks the opposition’s top scorer, can force turnovers unlike any other and even offers some offensive skills in transition.

IL Indoor contributors Bob Chavez, Stephen Stamp and Marty O’Neill collaborated with their own Top 50 lists for a points system that produced the final list. Click the link for the player to read their full analysis on Inside Lacrosse and check back to follow the countdown all the way to No. 1.

3) Kyle Rubisch – Edmonton Rush

“I’m kinda partial to defense and really, I don’t know of anyone better in the game today. Footwork, well-timed checks and slides and just the right amount of aggression make Kyle Rubisch the ideal defenseman. In addition to his skill set, he’s got the mentality to be a leader without being overbearing. He leads by example, which makes his words even more valuable. Hard to believe he’s at this level at age 26, which makes it a scary thought to imagine him getting even better with age and experience.” – Bob Chavez

“The Edmonton Rush have assembled the best defense in the National Lacrosse League’s history. Never over time have I seen a team dominate with the consistency the Rush have for 3 years now. At the center of this happening is Kyle Rubisch. I believe Rubisch was the MVP of the NLL last year because 14 regular season wins should have a payoff or two. As for Kyle, he is strong on ball and in the corners and not too shabby getting on his horse to run up the field. He does everything a defender needs to do better than almost anyone. At his young age, Edmonton is primed for more of the same.” – Marty O’Neill

“Rubisch has won the last three defender of the year awards for good reason. He is a nightmare to play against as an offensive player. He doesn’t give you time or space to do anything, he’s a punishing hitter and he rarely makes mistakes. He just keeps breaking his own league record for forced turnovers, last year compiling a mind-boggling 61.” – Stephen Stamp

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The National Lacrosse League opens its 29th season with NLL Face Off Weekend 2015 presented by New Era on January 2-3 with every team in action.