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Nll Top 50 Players: #11-15

IL Indoor rankings get down to elite list of the world’s best lacrosse players

As NLL Face Off Weekend 2015 presented by New Era on January 2-3 looms, IL Indoor continues their annual countdown of the National Lacrosse League’s Top 50 Players. The next installment of the series highlights pros ranked #11-15 among the best laxers on the planet.

IL Indoor staffers Bob Chavez, Stephen Stamp and Marty O’Neill collaborated with their own Top 50 lists and a points system produced the final list. Click the link for each player to read their full analysis on Inside Lacrosse and check back to follow the countdown all the way to No. 1.

15) Brodie Merrill – Toronto Rock

“Merrill was one of the first in the new wave of NLL transition guys, and he’s still one of the best if not the best. He can take over games with his skill and expertise, and still drops the mitts from time to time if the situation calls for it. He’s a natural leader with words and action, a player all the young guys today should be watching and learning from.” – Bob Chavez

14) Stephan Leblanc – Toronto Rock

“Leblanc is like a silent assassin. There are many nights we really don’t see his work and then the score sheet rolls out and he has 5 points. Then there are other nights when he takes over the Rock offense and puts up 3 goals in 20 minutes with his “touch” shooting. Either way there is a solid career of point production from LeBlanc that show his value to Toronto. The fact that Stephan is left handed and big only makes him more of a worry to the rest of the NLL defenders.” – Marty O’Neill

13) Dane Dobbie – Calgary Roughnecks

“There is no more dangerous player coming off the bench in transition than Dobbie. He has the timing and quickness to come off the bench and get ahead of the defence and the touch to make it almost automatic that he’ll score when he breaks in alone. He’s also a dangerous shooter from the set offence, able to get his shot off quickly and accurately. That combination allowed him to lead the NLL in goals last year with 51.” – Stephen Stamp

12) Dan Dawson – Rochester Knighthawks

“Dawson just keeps doing it. He’s been playing in the NLL since 2002 and he continues to be a key cog in the offence of whatever team he’s playing for. Interestingly, the last three years he’s produced the lowest goal totals of his career outside his rookie season. Dawson’s game has evolved to be primarily a feeder and creator for his teammates. He can still score goals, too, though, and he is a smart and effective leader on and off the floor. 2014 was his 11th straight season with at least 74 points.” – Stephen Stamp

11) Mark Matthews – Edmonton Rush

“Matthews is exactly what we all thought he’d be when he entered the league two years ago. He’s a big, strong forward with excellent hands who can finish or create and fits well into a team approach to the game. While he’s a tremendous individual player, it’s his ability to make those around him better that really sets Matthews apart from many other talented players. Matthews has won wherever he’s gone, and it would be surprising if he doesn’t help the Rush to hoist a championship trophy in the next few years.” – Stephen Stamp

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